How Do I Get Rid of Skin Tags

Acrochordons, more commonly known as skin tags are small growths or flaps of skin that are generally of the face, eyelids, groin area and neck.  They are not considered a medical condition as they are not harmful, although they can cause distress if they are in a prominent position for all to see.

If you are a skin tag sufferer and are asking how do I get rid of skin tags? Read on.

There are a number of methods available to help you to remove skin tags.  You can choose the medical route by paying for a doctor to surgically remove them for you or you can remove skin tags yourself using a home remedy or a good skin tags removal lotion.

There are some pros and cons to each of the methods.

Going to the doctor pros:

  • You will have a person who is trained in skin tag removal
  • All of the equipment will be sterilized
  • You will feel like you did the right thing by going to a professional
  • You will be able to find out if there is actually a more serious problem or not

Going to the doctor cons:

  • You will pay a lot of money because it is not considered to be a medical procedure
  • You can do several of the same “how do I get rid of skin tags” methods from the comforts of home

Home remedy pros:

  • Home remedies for removing skin tags are Inexpensive
  • Can do the same or similar procedures that would have been done at the doctor’s office
  • Save yourself some embarrassment (particularly if the skin tag is in an embarrassing area!)

Home remedy cons:

  • It can be scary to try these methods on your own
  • You might make a mistake or get the area infected
  • Must ensure you are actually dealing with a skin tag and not something more serious

Skin tags removal lotion pros:

  • Simply apply the lotion to the affected area
  • Can treat several skin tags at the same time
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to purchase
  • Do not need to worry about sterilizing equipment
  • Quick and painless

Skin tags removal lotion cons:

  • Must ensure you are actually dealing with a skin tag and not something more serious

There are a number of different ways to get rid of skin tags. Our studies have shown that the safest alternative to paying your doctor to remove a skin tag is to use a skin tags removal lotion.

Our top two recommended treatments are provided by Amoils and Dermisil. To assist you further we have provided full reviews of each and ranked them on our criteria, see the summary of the best skin tag removal products here.