Genital Skin Tags

Skin tags can appear in a number of different places, and are particularly common in places where the skin naturally folds. For that reason, it is quite common for them to show up in the genital area. While genital skin tags may not be as overtly embarrassing as those appearing on the face, they do present a unique set of problems.

Skin tags in the genital area can be removed by all the traditional removal methods for skin tags, but most people prefer to have a little delicacy in this area. Privacy is also important, and most would prefer to deal with skin tags on the genitals in a private setting, especially vaginal skin tags.

For these reasons, the surgical methods are generally out. Since most surgical methods involve either cutting, burning, or freezing, it goes without saying that most people would prefer to avoid those things in that area of the body.

An alternative is to use a topical liquid to deal with skin tags in this private area. Natural topical treatments have the advantages of being very safe, they do not hurt or leave blemishes behind, and they can be used in the privacy of one’s own home. Applying a topical treatment will quickly cause a skin tag to wither and fall off on its own.

When dealing with skin tags in the general area, it’s vital to make an educated decision. Those who haven’t experienced skin tags before may want to visit a doctor just to be certain, rather than performing a self diagnosis.

In this sensitive area, it’s especially important to not confuse the symptoms of another problem with skin tags. Leaving a more serious issue untreated can be very dangerous and lead to future complications.

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