Cutting Off a Skin Tag

Cutting off a skin tag is something that many people may attempt. It is certainly possible to cut off your skin tag yourself. But not all skin tags can or should be cut off without professional help.

Only very small skin tags that are hanging quite a way off the skin should ever be attempted to remove yourself. The large and flat skin tags should never be removed without seeking professional help. Instead, a skin tag removal cream or serum can be used to get rid of these types of skin tags.

If you are not sure what type of skin tag you have or whether it’s safe to cut off, don’t do it. It is better to be safe than sorry! Only a doctor should ever attempt to remove a skin tag in most cases.

How do I get rid of skin tags? – If you have decided to cut off your skin tag then take these tips into consideration:

  • Use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the entire area of the skin tag before you start
  • Pull the skin tag away from your skin using small tweezers
  • Get some very sharp scissors (the manicure type are best)
  • Cut as close as possible to the skin. Don’t cut your skin
  • After you have cut the tag, apply a sterilized cotton ball to the area
  • Apply a gentle disinfection cream to the area to prevent any infections

Some people use nail clippers to remove very small skin tags but these will not work well on anything besides the tiniest of tags.

There is no doubt that the above process will sting. There are nerve endings in the skin tag itself so this will cause some pain but if you get it over with fast this will be minimized. Of course, not everyone wants to cut their own skin tag or can handle the pain. That is when a skin tag cream is a viable alternative.

Cutting off a skin tag will make it bleed so expect some bleeding. That is why large skin tags should never be cut off yourself. You do not want to damage the skin so much that the bleeding is intense and long lasting. When this happens there is a great chance of scarring occurring. Skin tag removal serums and creams do not cause scarring or bleeding so are the best option for people who wish to take the safe route in cutting off a skin tag and removing it for good.

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